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Jamie Dornan dishes on his luck with the ladies

Fifty Shades of Grey hunk Jamie Dornan admits he’s no Christian Grey with the ladies.

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In fact, he pretty much spills in an interview with British Vogue that he was the opposite of Christian Grey. “I’m very shy,” the model-turned-actor admitted. “I’m not saying that was the only reason I didn’t do well with them, but I just didn’t.”

Despite modeling for huge brands at the beginning of his career, including Dior and Calvin Klein, Dornan admitted he never saw himself as looking different from anyone else.

“I’ve got a lot of s*** together, finally, by age 32,” Dornan confessed. “I’m glad I have that all in place when whatever happens, happens.”

Jamie Dornan and his wife welcome a new baby

Dornan married Amelia Warner last year, and they now have a daughter who is almost 1.

“I love fatherhood,” Dorner said during the interview. “These last couple of years have been quite something. But we’re enjoying it.”

Dornan calls his wife “dream stuff,” and he doesn’t seemed fazed by all the attention he’s been getting with his upcoming role in the sexy film Fifty Shades of Grey. Dornan is playing the title character Christian Grey, notorious billionaire, who has a thing for bondage in his special Red Room of Pain.

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Dornan himself is more focused on being a family man than looking good.

He reflected on his modeling days, saying, “I’m not ungrateful. I enjoy working with certain photographers, and having a bit of [fun] and catching up, but the actual thing of having to stand looking all moody and looking off in the distance and ‘Let’s just do a couple with a finger round your mouth…’ I’d rather be playing football.”

Though he’s definitely active in Fifty Shades of Grey, it’s a different sport than a ball game.

Fifty Shades of Grey hits theaters this Valentine’s Day.

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