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Bill Murray’s presence was the only wedding gift George Clooney got

When you’re as awesome as Bill Murray, your mere attendance is gift enough.

Bill Murray’s life advice might be a little too optimistic

Murray was fortunate enough to be part of the wedding of the decade, and now he’s leaking the details on the gifts that Amal Alamuddin and George Clooney received on their big day. Turns out the hilarious actor doesn’t have much to say, for once, because there weren’t any gifts to speak of.

Murray revealed that he showed up empty-handed, but he was only doing what he was told. “You don’t buy them anything,” Murray told TMZ when asked what one would buy for such a spectacular couple. “No. You don’t buy them anything. When you’re asked not to bring anything and you’re asked to leave, you know, you’re asked not to bring anything.”

We guess that when you’re an A-List actor and an über-polished human rights lawyer, there’s really no need to register at Crate & Barrel. It’s a class act on the part of the Clooneys to politely decline gifts at their nuptials.

While Murray admits he didn’t get Alamuddin and Clooney a gift, he did let his bodily fluids fly at the wedding — tears, that is. “Well, it wasn’t as momentous. I didn’t get married, but it was a wonderful time,” he said of how the wedding was for him. When asked if he cried at the ceremony, Murray replied, “I got moist. I’ll get moist on ya. I will.”

The What About Bob actor has proven time and time again that he’s the most epic party guest ever, even when he shows up uninvited. In May, Murray crashed a bachelor party full of strangers and stood up for a speech in which he imparted to the revelers sage wisdom about life and commitment. Then, in September, Murray busted a move to “Turn Down For What” at the birthday party of a man in a rural suburb of Charleston, South Carolina.

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