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Don’t even think about photoshopping Rumer Willis

Rumer Willis is a gorgeous young woman, but in the star’s recent photo shoot for fashion house Franziska Fox, there was something off about her pictures — and now Willis has revealed that that’s because they were photoshopped.

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Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s daughter revealed to that she was very unhappy to learn that her pictures had been photoshopped without her consent.

“There were these photos from the [Franziska Fox] lookbook I shot that were photoshopped. They photoshopped my face and my body, and I wasn’t OK with it. I didn’t approve it,” Rumer revealed. “I was like, ‘You know what? That’s not the kind of thing I want to be putting out there.’ Girls who look at this shouldn’t feel like they have to change themselves or have some weird ideal that you have to be photoshopped to look good or look perfect. I really want to set a good example.”

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Rumer wants the women of the world to know that you should accept who you are, and be proud of your body. And she credits her sister Scout for standing up for what she believes in, as seen in her nipple protest.

“I like that my sister did that [because] you have to be accepting of who you are and what you have going on,” she explained. “I learned an interesting lesson from all this and I have to be much more specific and say, ‘Look, this is who I am. If you want me to be a part of what you’re doing, these are the things I live by.’ Don’t slim my arms down — I worked really hard to get them to look this strong,” she told the publication.

Talking about her sister’s nipple protest, Rumer went on to praise Scout for how brave and outspoken she is.

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“She didn’t tell me she was doing it beforehand. But my sister Scout is very gutsy. She’s probably one of the most brave and outspoken people that I know. I commend her for finding something and taking a stand.”

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