Charlie Sheen has some vicious words for ‘lying’ dental technician

Charlie Sheen is not impressed with the recent rumors about him going nuts in the dentist’s chair, and he has fired back at the woman who made the allegations against him.

Charlie Sheen goes full-on warlock in the dentist’s chair

The Anger Management star’s rep and lawyer have both already called the allegations “completely false,” but Sheen wanted to have the last word on the whole situation and has put his accuser on blast.

Sheen allegedly told TMZ that the dental technician is a “jobless, washout traitor.”

However, those were just some of his choice words, as Sheen went on to vent his frustrations through TMZ with this message: “Hey cholesterol pants: Maybe you should have taken the crack you so brazenly and ignorantly accused me of being on, and sold it! Now that you’re a jobless washout and a traitor, you’re gonna need the extra dough … lick those food stamps, you desperate troll. C.”

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In case you missed it the first time around, according to TMZ, the dental technician reportedly accused Sheen of going crazy while in the dentist’s office and she claimed that his bodyguards told her he was on “rock cocaine.” She also claimed that Sheen pulled a knife on his dentist, a claim that the dentist himself denies.

Furthermore, according to TMZ, Sheen’s lawyer Marty Singer said the dental technician made up these rumors because she was fired for violating privacy regulations.

“The story is being made up by this woman who was fired on Friday for violating HIPAA by telling her son Charlie was in the office. It got back to Charlie and the dentist fired her.”

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However, it seems that Sheen has found a way to deal with any future dentist drama, because his personal dentist Kevin Sands has just become his neighbor.

Apparently, Sands has moved in to Sheen’s ex-wife Denise Richards’ old home in Mulholland Estates, Beverly Hills, California. But don’t be fooled into thinking that it was the same dentist that he allegedly pulled a knife on last Thursday.

Sheen’s rep, Jeff Ballard, told RadarOnline, “Charlie’s personal dentist, Dr. Kevin Sands, did indeed buy the house. This will make them neighbors. Dr. Sands wasn’t the dentist that Charlie went to see last Thursday, because he wasn’t available. Dr. Sands is an amazing dentist and a first-class guy. Having him as a neighbor will certainly help Charlie in case of future dental emergencies.”


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