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6 Crazy things about @PersianLa27 that prove it is Amanda Bynes

Will the real Amanda Bynes please stand up? The mysterious Twitter account @PersianLa27 sounds an awful lot like a certain relapsed former Nickelodeon star. Here are six reasons we think it really is her — beyond the obvious fact that her name is now listed as Amanda.

Amanda Bynes busted for another DUI

1. She retweets tons of posts from others about Amanda Bynes — but only the really sucky-uppy ones

It’s classic Bynes egotism: She loves it when people talk about her, and retweets it all so everyone knows.

2. She loves to throw around Bynes’ favorite insult: “You’re ugly!”

Back in the heyday of Bynes’ infamous Twitter feuds, her go-to insult was always a slam about someone’s appearance. According to Bynes, Drake looks like he has Down syndrome, Chris Brown beat Rihanna because she’s not pretty enough and the Obamas are too hideous to rule. This new account falls back on the same tired taunt.

3. She knows denial ain’t just a river in Egypt

Every time a new photo or story would surface about her increasingly erratic behavior, Bynes would immediately hop on Twitter to say it wasn’t her and the media was lying — apparently trying to convince us she has an evil doppelganger and the media has an axe to grind. This new account is the same old song and dance.

Was Amanda Bynes tweeting from the psych ward?

4. Like Bynes, her modesty knows no bounds (cue eye roll)

One problem Bynes does not seem to struggle with is self-esteem, as evidenced by her constant stream of tweets about how rich, gorgeous and generally amazing she is (if she does say so herself). @PersianLa27 also really, really loves herself. Like, a lot.

5. They both have an obsession with bongs

Bynes was arrested in NYC for allegedly tossing a bong out of her apartment window. @PersianLa27 is following exactly one account: @TheBigBenClock, who only tweets one word, over and over.

Bonus: This was @PersianLa27’s tribute to Robin Williams after his death:

6. She pretty much admitted it with this tweet

The evidence doesn’t lie, people. @PersianLa27 is totally the one and only Amanda Bynes.

P.S. While these Twitter antics do make for a good afternoon of amusement, we do hope that Bynes gets the help she needs.

Tell us: Why do you think @PersianLa27 and Amanda Bynes are one and the same?

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