4 Negative reactions to the Inside Out trailer that actually make sense

Oct 3, 2014 at 5:27 p.m. ET
Image: Disney-Pixar

Haters gonna hate, as they say, but why are so many people hating on the new Inside Out trailer?

When we first saw Pixar's new Inside Out trailer, we succumbed to the campaign's emotional manipulation the same way most people would — by reaching for the tissues. As our serious case of the sniffles subsided, however, we felt a curious nagging at the back of our tear-misted minds, as if some part of our cerebral cortex was trying to understand what just happened.

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"Did Pixar just try to sell us on their new movie by reminding us how much we liked past Pixar movies?" it seemed to be asking.

Well, guess what, dear cerebellum: Yes. Yes, it did. And we're not the only ones scratching our heads over that fact. But, while we admit it's a strange tactic, we weren't quite as upset as some of the commenters blasting the trailer on YouTube.

It's all about the money...

Internet reacts to Inside Out

Not only does TheJaredtheJaredlong worry that the film is going to be terrible, he's also lost his faith that Pixar cares about entertainment for entertainment's sake. We agree that ticket sales can make movie execs a little crazy, but would Pixar really wrap up a bad film in a happy-go-lucky burrito just to sell tickets? We hope not.

There's no such thing as an original idea... Internet reacts to Inside Out

Fans of '90s television sitcom Herman's Head are probably experiencing some serious déjà vu right about now. Inside Out has pretty much the same premise as that wacky Fox network show, only — unlike Fox — Pixar's packaging the concept for kids. Take a look at this clip from the show (and see if you can spot young Hank Azaria in the background).

Sweet emotion

Internet reacts to Inside Out

It worked for Armageddon and Mrs. Doubtfire, but is it really fair to prey on our deep, undeniable love of all things Aerosmith in order to sell an animated film?

Lorde, you look an awful lot like Merida from Brave right now

Stereotypes in your brain

Internet reacts to Inside Out

We've got to hand it to heatherwanderer777, because she's spot on with her observation that the emotions were anthropomorphized using some pretty stereotypical designs. If you look at Joy, not only is she the only emotion who gets to be tall and thin, but she's also suspiciously fair-skinned compared to her rainbowed compatriots. Not cool, Pixar, not cool.

Amy Poehler schools a guy about gender expectations

What do you think? Does this trailer make you want to hurry up and buy tickets already, or just stay away?

Inside Out stars Amy Poehler, Mindy Kaling, Bill Hader, Lewis Black and Phyllis Smith. It's slated to come out in June 2015.