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Hugh Jackman’s #FeelingNuts campaign: The big question

Right on the heels of the ALS ice bucket challenge, which raised over $100 million, is another celebrity driven challenge. If you thought dumping ice water over your head was crazy, Hugh Jackman’s challenge is really nuts, and it has us a little worried about where this trend may take us.

Hugh Jackman has just given men everywhere a legitimate reason to do something many of them already do — grab their junk. In the newest challenge-for-awareness craze, Jackman posted a picture of himself holding the boys to raise awareness for testicular cancer.

During this workout sesh, Jackman wasn’t the only guy #FeelingNuts. Photographer Nigel Barker and two other friends jumped in on the ball-handling fun.

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Jackman was really #FeelingNuts because he didn’t stop there. He also posted a video of a self-examination while working out.

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Boy, that’s dedication, wouldn’t you say? The challenge works in much the same way as the ice bucket challenge. Participants challenge others to grab their boys, and so on. So far, there doesn’t seem to be any money tied to the challenge as was the case with the ice bucket challenge.

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Jackman’s ballsy participation in this challenge is commendable, but we’d be lying if we didn’t admit that this newest challenge has us pondering a larger question. What’s next? Are women going to take pictures of breast self-exams to raise awareness and money for breast cancer?

Here’s the reality folks — a lot of organs are, unfortunately, susceptible to cancer. Several of them we won’t mention because it would be impolite, so we’ll just let your imagination fill in the gaps. #FeelingNuts has us wondering if we should strap in for other awareness campaigns of less popular body parts and what those campaigns might do to our social media feeds.

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