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Married life has dramatically changed who Leighton Meester is

We’ve seen countless celeb couples have their marriage crumble because of the pressure of constantly being in the public eye. But Leighton Meester will not let her and her husband Adam Brody be one of those couples whose every move is monitored by the press.

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In the time since she got married, the Gossip Girl alum’s life has changed dramatically, and she revealed to the November issue of InStyle U.K. how her values have shifted.

My values have shifted greatly in terms of what I find important. It’s my family, my friends and having a personal life. Those are the things that need nurturing,” she explained to the publication.

But just because she wants to keep her personal life private does not mean the brunette beauty is disappearing from the public eye entirely. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

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Meester will be appearing on our screens alongside Robert Downey Jr. in The Judge, and she also has a killer voice, which she plans to show off with her debut album.

Speaking of her new music ventures, she told the publication, “My favourite thing — at least as far as the music goes, and now, actually, with acting, too — is performing live. It’s so fun.”

And you may not have known that the The Oranges actress previously performed with the controversial Robin Thicke back in 2009.

The two collaborated on “Somebody to Love,” which was released as a digital single in 2009. So, how did she enjoy working with Thicke?

Leighton Meester calls husband Adam Brody “that pesky guy”

“It was fun, but it wasn’t at all me. I guess I can look back and say everything happens because you learn from it and you’re better for it.”

The November issue of InStyle U.K. is on sale now.

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