Bad Judge review: Naughty girls just want to have fun

Oct 3, 2014 at 5:17 a.m. ET
Image: NBC

In the pilot episode of NBC's new series, Bad Judge, Kate Walsh hams it up as a judge with so many personal issues it's a wonder she makes it to court on time. But she just might win you over.

I like shows that don't beat around the bush when it comes to their message. Sometimes I like it when I don't have to wonder what a series is about or ponder whether it's more a comedy or drama or something in between. That's precisely what I got when I sat down to watch Bad Judge.

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Rebecca (Walsh) makes it clear exactly what kind of person she is the moment we meet her — in an awkward position, still in some of her party clothes from the night before and already running late for her day. The first thing she does on the way to her very important job is run to the drug store to buy a pregnancy test. The message isn't hard to define: She's wild.

Yet, as wild as Rebecca is on her off time, she's that much a professional on her work time. OK, so maybe not. Although she flirts with lawyers in her courtroom and screws doctors on her desk, she still manages to get the job done. In fact, I'd venture to guess that her erratic behavior actually makes her better at her job.

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Maybe, by being a wild and crazy person in her personal life, she can better understand those who stand accused in her courtroom. Or maybe she's just insanely smart and has to find a way to let off steam after the kind of work she does all day. Either way, she's a blast to watch. Is she a role model that young women should aspire to be? No way. But hey, this is TV and sometimes it's just about watching a show because it's fun, not because you're going to learn some valuable life lesson from it.

That being said, I think Rebecca did have some wise words of advice for Robby in this episode and certainly her determination to get a job done is something that could be admired. Overall, this first episode was a great way to spend 20 or so minutes (counting time off for commercials) and I'm looking forward to seeing what adventures she has in store, and of course what kind of trouble she gets herself into, in future episodes.

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My favorite bits:

The position Rebecca was sleeping in. I literally laughed out loud.

That van.

Rebecca: "Just lay off the grandstanding Tom, OK? And let your junk breathe, you might want to have kids someday."

Dr. Boyd: "We were just reenacting case scenario."
Tedward: "I know that case, I've seen it late night on Cinemax."

Finding out that Tedward had to go outside to eat his Bombsicle because it had the word "bomb" in it.

Rebecca trying to make up a song about the hickey. Classic.

Rebecca's well-timed belch when Robby tried to claim she was a mentor.

Robby kindly offering to do portraits of the teacher's family. Ha!

Rebecca: "Sometimes I have to tie a rope from my bed to my ankle because I don't even know what I do at night."

What did you think of the series premiere of Bad Judge? Will you keep watching the show?