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Gracepoint review: This isn’t Doctor Who

Loving Gracepoint was in the cards long before we even saw the premiere. It does, after all, star Anna Gunn and David Tennant, and we’ll take any excuse to watch these two on television. Put them together, and it’s gold.

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This, however, is a very different role for Tennant. He plays hardened detective Emmett Carver (American accent and all), whose first big case in a small beachside town has him searching for the murderer of a young boy named Danny Solano. This is complicated for Carver because he isn’t used to the emotions and connections that run deep in this small town. It’s either going to be his blessing or his curse since everyone knows everyone in this tight-knit community.

It’s already a curse in Ellie Miller’s (Gunn) book. She has to work the case with Carver even though he stole her promotion. She is the classic member of this town and cares deeply about the community. To top it off, her son was best friends with Danny Solano.

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Initially, we’re thinking Dad (Mark Peña) is the obvious prime suspect. Most murders are committed by people close to the victims, after all, and there is just something so weird about the way Mark Solano acts when he sees his son’s body. It could have just been an awkward scene for Peña but, as a seasoned actor, we’re guessing this weirdness was intentional from the show, which makes us believe daddy Solano isn’t telling the whole truth just yet.

Beth, his wife, also thinks Mark is lying about his whereabouts the night Danny died. He didn’t check on Danny when he came home, which distraught Beth thinks is abnormal. But she didn’t check on him either. There’s definitely more to this family than we’ve seen on the surface. They’re obviously setting up Mark as the primary suspect, but we have our suspicions.

Is that Elizabeth I in the Doctor Who anniversary special?

We actually think Ellie’s son Tom also seems like a candidate worthy of further investigation. And though we’re not sure if he has the muscles to kill someone with blunt force trauma, he at least has information he isn’t willing to share. One of Tom’s first questions when Ellie tells him about Danny’s death is whether or not the police will want to talk to him. Red flag!

As soon as Ellie leaves the room, Tom deletes all his old text messages from Danny and does the same with all the data on his computer. Red flag times a thousand!

Someone else we’d like to add to the suspect list that may seem surprising: Carver. There’s more to Carver than we see in this first episode. He has something dark in his history, which reporter Renee knows. She shows up in the town to cover the case, but she might have ulterior motives for covering the story, especially after her comment about being surprised Carver was hired. Remember, Tennant has only been in the town for about a week. Could he be the one targeting children? Is he the murderer? A detective’s career would be the perfect disguise.

OK, so we have no idea who the killer is at this point in the show, but it’s clear things in this small town are not as they seem. We know, right: Dun, dun, duuuun.

Did you like the premiere episode of Gracepoint? Who do you think killed Danny?

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