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The Vampire Diaries review: We’ll take Damon and pancakes any day

The Vampire Diaries is starting with a clean slate this season and we’re loving it.

Executive producer Caroline Dries told us Season 6 is all about focusing on the main, original characters, and the premiere episode is holding to it in the best possible way.

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Though the characters aren’t doing such a good job of moving on following Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Bonnie’s death, we’re so excited to see this season play out without all the Silas run-ins, doppelgänger pop-ups and original vampire mayhem. Don’t get us wrong, we love, love, love seasons past, but it’s nice to get back to the basics. Especially considering our favorite characters could all use a fresh start.

It might be a good thing that they’re not moving on, though, especially considering that very last scene at the end of the episode.

WARNING: Major spoilers from the premiere ahead. You’ve been warned.

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Damon and Bonnie seem to be having quite the time in the afterlife full of pancakes and some light morning reading. Definitely not what we pictured in our heads after they walked into the white light at the end of last season. We’re just glad they aren’t gone for good. Here are a few options for where they might be:

  • Heaven: Because there would definitely be pancakes with smiley faces decorated by Ian Somerhalder in my heaven.
  • Lost in time: This is more likely than an afterlife since the teaser for the next episode hints at this possibility. If they are, in fact, lost in time, then what does that mean for our other dead supernatural favorites like Lexi and Vicki who also got sucked away?
  • In an alternate reality: This could also be a theory based on the teaser for the next episode, which shows Damon and Bonnie walking in what looks like a deserted Mystic Falls.

Other questions this Damon and Bonnie twist brings to mind:

  • Is Bonnie still the link to the Other Side? If she isn’t dead, then that would make sense, right? Or maybe this is where dead links go and, because Damon was holding her hand when they walked into the light, he got transported with her.
  • Is Damon still a vampire? And, if so, where’s he getting his blood? Is Bonnie feeding him? We’re sure she just loves that. He had to be getting blood from somewhere though because he doesn’t seem weak at all. Maybe this dimension comes with pancakes and unlimited blood bags.

The other bombshell during tonight’s episode was Elena’s (Nina Dobrev) request that Alaric erase her love with Damon from her memory. Uh, we are definitely against this, but we know he’s going to do what Elena wants. The writers wouldn’t have brought this idea into the storyline if he wasn’t going to actually do it. We just hope there’s a way to undo compulsion. Though, it could be, when Dries said they we were getting some new beginnings this season, she literally meant new beginnings since now Elena and Damon get to fall in love all over again. That could actually be kind of a sweet sentiment. He’ll have to charm her all over again. Not that it’s hard, considering he’s Damon.

What did you think of the premiere episode of The Vampire Diaries Season 6? Do you want to see Damon woo Elena again from the beginning?

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