Paula Deen blames her racism on a surprising target

Oct 2, 2014 at 9:54 p.m. ET

It is hard to believe it has been more than a year since Paula Deen fell from grace after admitting she had used racist words in her past — including around her staff. But the cooking queen is working on building her name back up and she seems to be hoping people will forgive her.

Paula Deen wants you to hear her side of the story — and charge you for it, too

Deen was involved in a lawsuit with former staff and, in a deposition, admitted she had used the "n" word on numerous occasions in the past. That resulted in canceled shows and sponsorships across the world.

But the chef is attempting to make a comeback and she sat down with E! News, offering a sort of apology for her actions.

"I learned that no matter how old words get, they have a power" she explained. "They have a power to hurt, they have a power to make people happy. Our books, our books are full of words, I found out that they can be very powerful and that they can hurt."

Paula Deen wants to be just like "that black football player"

Although many of her fans abandoned her during the scandal, Deen said it was the ones who stuck by her who helped her make it through everything. She said, "I have never had anyone come up and say anything unkind to me. Not one time.

"And in fact, I got letters — I told my team I wanna take a picture with all the mail I got," she added. "I gathered strength from those people and my mail, some of them would have their phone numbers on there and I'd call them. So I'm calling them, and of course they'd think I was pranking them, and I'd say, 'Well, ask me something personal.'"

Deen is returning — this time on the internet, with her very own digital network.

Tell us — do you think Paula Deen deserves to be forgiven?