Matthew McConaughey’s new gig? College cheerleader (VIDEO)

Does a football team need cheerleaders when it can have Matthew McConaughey instead? I think not.

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The Texas-born, Oscar-winning actor paid a visit to his alma mater to visit the Texas Longhorns football team during a practice last week. His visit came just before they faced off — and won — against the Kansas Jayhawks, and the pep talk he gave the team was just perfect.

“Ask yourself, men, when you look in the mirror tonight, just say, ‘Why do I play this game? Why do I do this? Why do I come out to practice? Why am I out here busting my ass in the middle of the heat every day?'” McConaughey asked the team. “Feels good going out on Saturdays when it’s the big show, right? Hell yeah, it does. Feels a whole lot better after a W than it does after an L.”

When one of the players asked what his favorite movie to film was, McConaughey told them it was Mud, but then added that he loved The Wolf of Wall Street, too. And then, McConaughey led the entire team in the humming, chest-thumping chant he does with Leo DiCaprio in the movie.

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“Actually, here’s how that got in the movie,” he says after the chant. “I do that before I do a scene because I’m nervous. I do that to loosen myself up, No. 1. No. 2, I do it because I know other people in the room are looking at me like, ‘What’s he doing?’ So then I know I’m on my own island. I don’t want them knowing what I’m up to.”

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Obviously, the players loved it. Several of them tweeted about the experience, calling McConaughey “such a cool dude.”

McConaughey graduated from the University of Texas in 1993. He’s set to receive the school’s Distinguished Alumnus Award later this month.