The new dirt on Wiz Khalifa? He has a thing for twins

Amber Rose’s divorce filing from Wiz Khalifa after barely a year of marriage surprised pretty much everyone, but the reasoning seems to be more and more clear. But the newest rumor has Wiz Khalifa in bed with twins — with his wife walking in on him.

5 Reasons we did not see the Amber Rose, Wiz Khalifa split coming

Hot 97 radio host, Peter Rosenberg, was talking about the couple this morning, when he told his listeners that Rose had walked in on Khalifa while he was in the middle of a threesome. According to Gawker, Rosenberg said he knew this because he and his wife are friends with Amber Rose and she was “talking all night to [my wife] about her problems.”

Rosenberg said that Khalifa eventually admitted he cheated (as if there was a question?) and that is when Rose filed for divorce. Soon after the split, Rose tweeted a message pretty much saying that her husband had been unfaithful to her.

Rose and Khalifa were married back in July 2013 and Rose gave birth to a baby in February 2013.

After the couple split, there were rumors that Rose and Nick Cannon had been spending time together, but according to Rosenberg, it was Khalifa’s people who started that rumor. Cannon is Rose’s new manager, but they reportedly hadn’t started hanging out until after she left her husband. Rose has also spoken about that relationship and said she would never cheat on her husband.

Hot 97 posted a video of Rosenberg’s explanation, which also included an Instagram photo of Khalifa with the two twins he was allegedly caught in bed with. But the video has since been pulled off their website.


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