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Charlie Sheen goes full-on warlock in the dentist’s chair

We know Charlie Sheen is a rather controversial star, but these latest reports are truly disturbing.

According to TMZ, the actor was apparently under investigation for assault with a deadly weapon after an incident that happened in his dentist’s office last Thursday, where he allegedly went nuts.

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TMZ initially reported that Sheen lost it when a dental technician placed a mask over his face to administer nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, and that he then pulled a knife on his dentist. The technician also claims that Sheen’s bodyguard told her the actor was “high on cocaine.”

However, Sheen’s rep, Jeff Ballard, has denied the allegations that any drugs were involved and he insists that the Anger Management star’s behavior was all down to a bad reaction to the nitrous oxide.

Ballard revealed to TMZ that Sheen was on prescription medication for a shoulder injury and that the combo of those meds, along with the nitrous oxide, caused the unpleasant reaction.

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Furthermore, the actor’s lawyer revealed to E! News in a statement that the story is “completely false” and that the “dental assistant had spoken to her son, who is a hair stylist, about Charlie being treated by the dentist. This was overheard by a friend of Charlie’s.

“The dentist has confirmed and told the police that no knife was pulled on him by Charlie. Unfortunately, Charlie had a bad reaction when he received the nitrous oxide at the dentist’s office,” the statement continued.

So it looks like Sheen is in the clear and the technician could have either been lying or exaggerating about the whole incident. In fact, Sheen’s personal dentist even went on to describe him as “the best patient.”

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According to E! News, the former Two and a Half Men star’s dentist told them, “He has been the best patient. He has been generous with everyone. He has never been messed up on anything. He has been on nitrous before. He has been nothing but a gentleman. When he comes in, my whole staff lights up. He tips everyone. He is like the best patient to have…”

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