The Mysteries of Laura review: I think I’m in love

There were some good and bad things about the first episode of The Mysteries of Laura. I’m happy to report that it’s gone from somewhat OK to mostly great after watching “The Mystery of the Biker Bar.”

A couple of weeks ago, I reviewed the first episode of this show and tried my hardest to ignore the bad reviews I’d seen for it. I can’t say that I was completely without influence, but the worst that happened was I thought it was going to be a lot more terrible than it turned out to be.

Basically my review of the first episode amounted to a so-so response. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it either.

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Cut to two weeks and two episodes later and I have decided that Laura is my new girl-crush. I said in my initial review that she was the strongest part of the series and I still feel the same way. Laura is someone I think any woman can relate to, no matter their walk of life. She might be a cop and practically a single mom of two little boys and I might be a writer with no kids, but there are times in the show when I feel like we are living the same life.

I think I feel a kinship with Laura because of her outlook on the world and her attitude toward it. You don’t need to be in the exact same life situation with someone to understand them on a deep level. Laura doesn’t always have the right answers, but she always tells the truth. She doesn’t always dress perfectly, but she always has exactly what she needs to help someone. Her love life is kind of a mess, but she doesn’t let that stop her from being happy. They are all things I think any woman can understand.

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As for the rest of the cast, I feel like there have been some improvements. When Laura’s ex ended up being her boss at the end of the first episode, I groaned. I thought Jay was just a big jerk who would give Laura nothing but trouble. But he’s now become someone she can depend on and I found myself even rooting for them to get back together at one point during this episode. That is something I never, ever thought I would do.

The other characters are starting to come into their own as well. The boys aren’t quite as awful as I thought at first, Max is a laugh-riot, Billy is not only dependable but (let’s face it) totally hot. Rounding out the group is Laura’s new babysitter Sammi, who I kind of adored the moment we met her.

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So basically The Mysteries of Laura is one big love-fest for me now. All it took was a couple of more episodes to get to know the characters a little better and for some of the insanity from the pilot to go away.

What do you think of The Mysteries of Laura? Have you changed your opinion of the show since watching the pilot?


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