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Taylor Swift does another amazing thing for kids with cancer (VIDEO)

Taylor Swift does what she can to use her fame to help others and, back in August, she made a young cancer patient’s day by visiting him at Boston Children’s Hospital.

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Swift flew from her home in Rhode Island to the Massachusetts hospital and spent three hours at the hospital during her trip, which included a visit to leukemia patient, Ben. According to E! News, Swift noticed a keyboard in the room and asked Ben to play something for her. He chose Adele’s “Someone Like You” and, as he played the first notes, Swift began to sing.

“I recently underwent a bone marrow transplant due to leukemia,” Ben wrote as the caption for the YouTube video. “Taylor Swift stopped by the hospital for a surprise visit and dropped by my room to say hi! When she noticed the keyboard in my room, she asked me to play a song for her.

“I decided to play a song I had recently started working on which was ‘Someone Like You,’ by Adele,” Ben continued. “She said she would sing what she knew, and I said that I would play as much as I knew. This was the most amazing moment in my life being able to accompany Taylor Swift.”

Swift seemed to know many of the words and the two seemed to bond over their joint rendition of the song.

“She is super nice and cordial and probably made everyone’s day here at the hospital,” Ben explained. “It was so great of her to come out specially to visit all of us here at the hospital. And in case you are wondering, I did get a hug from her, unfortunately it wasn’t caught on video!”

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While Swift was at the hospital, she visited many patients, including 6-year-old Jordan. Swift also performed some songs for Jordan and that private concert was also caught on video. Even though she was competing with Spider-Man (who had visited the day before), Jordan seemed to have a blast.

Watch Taylor and Ben perform Adele’s “Someone Like You”:

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