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Evan Rachel Wood spotted making out with a popular TV actress

Beautiful Evan Rachel Wood has been very outspoken about being bisexual, especially since her divorce from actor, Jamie Bell. I recently spotted her out and about with a new lady and she sure seemed happy. Could it be love?

I first began to follow Evan Rachel Wood’s career in 2003, after seeing her breakout performance in the film, 13. Since then, I’ve enjoyed watching her in HBO’s Mildred Pierce and True Blood, and especially as Mickey Rourke’s daughter in The Wrestler. At only 27 years old, Wood has already had quite the career.

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Earlier this week, I had to attend a business meeting at a local boutique hotel, the Palihouse in West Hollywood. I saw Wood as she walked in, fresh faced with no makeup, wearing an adorable hat and casual pants. She took a seat on the outdoor patio and a few minutes later, another beautiful Hollywood actress joined her.

What first appeared to be just lunch with a friend clearly became a date as the two ladies began to gaze into each other’s eyes and kiss. And kiss. And kiss. The two looked incredibly happy, laughing and smooching. As the two entwined their fingers that special way that lovers do, they appeared to be head-over-heels in love.

At one point, the couple went over to a vintage foosball table and played a rowdy, fiery game, each tapping into their competitive side. While it was unclear who was the overall foosball winner, the spirited kiss they shared afterward made them both winners.

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The actress Wood was with doesn’t want her sexuality out on the table — so I am going to respect her wishes. But, Evan, you go, girl! I love that you’re going after what you want, especially post-divorce.

Evan Rachel Wood is currently filming a new movie called Westworld, about a futuristic adventure park run by robots. Westworld also stars James Marsden, Anthony Hopkins and Thandie Newton.

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