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Ariana Grande enjoys Mariah Carey comparisons too much

It’s obvious that Ariana Grande is talented, but the young star is quickly garnering a pretty negative reputation for herself.

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Grande recently addressed the fact that comparisons are often made between herself and the legendary Mariah Carey and, suddenly, her behavior is put in a bit of context. If the media is constantly telling Grande that she is just like one of the people she looks up to the most, then obviously, it’s natural for an impressionable young person to emulate their idol.

Mariah has been a huge influence on me since I was a little girl,” Grande recently told Us Weekly. “I’ve even done a cover of one of her songs. I don’t think there are any negatives to being compared to one of the greatest vocalists of all time, it’s honestly a great honor.”

Well, yeah, it’s a great honor. Carey’s got arguably the greatest pipes and vocal range of our time. While Grande is no slouch in the vocal department, either, it seems she is attempting to take on another large part of Carey’s persona, as well. Grande’s behavior towards people she works with, eager fans and even her own life coach has gotten folks to start throwing the “diva” word around. And not in a good way.

Carey has earned her diva title. She has hardcore talent, she came from humble beginnings, she has suffered setbacks and come back gracefully on top. Sure, she is prone to odd behavior or strange demands at times, but she fought for that right.

Just because comparisons are starting to be drawn between Grande and Carey, that does not mean that Grande is anywhere near Carey’s level of celebrity or musicianship at this point in time. Someone needs to sit Grande down, explain the true definition of “diva” and tell her to cut the crap and stop trying to act like one before it’s too late. She isn’t there yet and her bad behavior is alienating fans, which will only end her career before it ever really starts. A Nickelodeon show does not a diva make.

There are too many young celebs nowadays who are known for being gracious to fans and the general public. Grande needs to take a page out of the Taylor Swift playbook and quick.

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