Michael Phelps DUI: Champ sorry for letting down fans

Olympic record-setter Michael Phelps is just as disappointed in himself for landing his second DUI as his fans are in him.

Phelps, who holds a whopping 22 Olympic medals, was busted for DUI after cops witnessed him driving almost twice the posted speed limit and weaving over the double yellow lines in a Maryland tunnel.

Phelps has since posted a series of tweets apologizing for his incredibly dangerous choice to get behind the wheel after drinking.

Michael Phelps in big trouble with U.S. Olympic Committee

Is Michael Phelps hoping for an Olympic comeback?

Unfortunately, this is not the first time the Olympian has been arrested for driving under the influence. In 2004, he was busted after running a stop sign and pleaded guilty. He was fined $250 and served 18 months’ probation.

In 2009, he lost his Kellogg’s sponsorship after photos surfaced reportedly showing the world-class athlete smoking pot. He later apologized for his actions, but the photos severely damaged his reputation.


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