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Jeff Goldblum pimps new lightbulbs with his bare-naked chest (VIDEO)

Watch out, ladies, there’s a new old stud in town, and he wants you to take a long hard look at his… lightbulbs?

Jeff Goldblum brings Jurassic Park to a lucky couple’s wedding

We’ve got to hand it to GE. Their creative commercial for a new LED lightbulb, called Link, has really opened our eyes to the wonder of good lighting. It’s also gifted us with quite an eyeful of Jeff Goldblum.

The Jurassic Park actor is well known for playing quirky characters, but he’s probably not the first person you think of when you hear the word “stud” — yet that’s exactly what Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim comedy duo Tim and Eric have turned Goldblum into in this hilarious commercial.

As the mock-infomercial begins, Goldblum asks, “What does it take to live a life of fame?” and answers, “Really great lighting.” He then proceeds to tout the benefits of great lighting from various rooms in his bachelor pad, including a hilarious moment in his piano/hot tub room.

We didn’t know they made swim trunks that tiny, Jeff.

Jeff Goldblum belts out the Jurassic Park theme song — with lyrics (VIDEO)

Done in the style of an infomercial, the piece goes on to offer a testimonial from a woman who complains that before she purchased the Link lightbulb system, she had to go home to “a dark house and an unfamous, non-celebrity husband,” but now that she uses Link, her husband looks like — you guessed it — Jeff Goldblum.

We’ve got to hand it to Goldblum, who obviously has an awesome sense of humor. Not only does he crack us up with his catlike famous-guy moves, but he also really makes us curious about the Link lightbulb. And he does it with unexpected panache. When he tells us, “Kiss your horribly lit, non-successful life goodbye,” we kind of believe him.

If only we had our own sweaty lighting servant to send out for bulbs.

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