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Everyone, calm down — 12 and Pregnant isn’t actually happening

Hold up — don’t click that “share” button just yet!

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All over Facebook right now, there’s an Empire News report that MTV is beginning production on a spinoff reality series: 12 and Pregnant.

“A new show that MTV plans to air may be a breaking point for the company, even in this new day and age,” the article reads. “Insiders say the whole concept itself may stir up a huge outbreak of lawsuits, hate groups, and generally angry parents.”

It continues, “Already being filmed, MTV plans on releasing the new show 12 And Pregnant this coming fall.”

Come on, guys. Haven’t we learned yet that just because something is on the internet and the word “news” is in the URL, it isn’t necessarily true?

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Plenty of sites have already set to work debunking the claims of such a controversial new series. Snopes, the longest-running internet fact-checker around, says this story is a big, fat hoax.

“As you may have deduced, the rumor that 12 and Pregnant is coming to MTV is entirely false,” reads an article posted to Snopes. “A disclaimer page on Empire News explains that all content on the site is of ‘a satirical and [entertaining]’ nature, and other articles on the site include ‘Cure for Cancer Discovered; “Amazingly Simple” Says Researcher,’ and ‘College Student Excused from Classes After Dog Eats Grandmother,’ and ‘Woman Gives Birth, Confuses Doctors by Asking for Maternity Test.'”

There’s also the fact that the article claiming the series is beginning production was posted to Empire News in July, proving there’s no expiration date on the gullibility of the internet.

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So, before you express your outrage at such a ridiculous TV concept by hitting that “share” button, remember: A quick Google search is all it takes to separate internet fact from fiction.

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