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Krewella member says he was kicked out because he’s sober

You know you have a drinking problem when…

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Kris Trindl, a founding member of the EDM band, Krewella, is suing his former bandmates, alleging that the other two members, Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf, kicked him out because his newfound sobriety made him unable to hang.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Kris is suing the Yousaf sisters for at least $5 million. He says he struggled big time trying to get sober, but once he did, the Yousaf sisters didn’t like that he couldn’t party with them anymore and started scheming to give him the boot.

Kris also says his former bandmates violated an oath that the three made when they formed Krewella. He says that when they met in college and formed the band, they vowed “to put aside any other career plans outside of music and commit to Krewella” and sealed the deal by each getting a tattoo of the date of the agreement: “6-8-10.”

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“From March of 2012 until March of 2013, it was non-stop music, good times and partying for the members of Krewella, and the money started rolling in,” the lawsuit says. “Kris and the Yousaf sisters were public about their drinking and partying, posting on the Internet video dispatches from the road that only served to stoke their popularity with an ever-growing worldwide fan base.”

It continues, “Kris used alcohol to try to cope with the pressure. By late summer of 2013, he knew he had a drinking problem and checked himself into a detox program and then a 30-day rehab program.”

According to the lawsuit, the Yousaf sisters “didn’t like the new, sober Kris, who took care of business but did not party or drink anymore” and they thought he was depressed. Kris alleges they asked him to go to rehab for depression, but they were actually continuing to tour and establishing themselves as a duo, even though Kris was still writing music for the group.

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The Hollywood Reporter says mediation between the groups failed, leading to the lawsuit.

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