Ben Affleck reveals surprising addiction, with a little help from Tyler Perry

Ben Affleck let fans in on a dirty little secret this afternoon, with the surprising help of one of his Gone Girl co-stars.

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Affleck chatted with fans today via Facebook about his role in Gone Girl and he got a little more than he bargained for when co-star, Tyler Perry, chimed in to ask Affleck how many Jolly Ranchers the actor had in his pocket. Apparently, the actor has quite the sweet tooth.

“What Tyler is referring to,” replied Affleck, “is that I have a very bad addiction to these candies.” Affleck went on to explain that, at one point on set, Perry even witnessed Affleck “pull a tooth out” because of his addiction to the sticky sweets.

It seems the two hit it off on set, because Perry went on to playfully ask Affleck to demonstrate his proficiency with R&B lyrics.

“On set you impressed me with your knowledge of R&B,” teased Perry. “Complete the lyric: ‘Every little step I take…”

Affleck responded with an uncertain “Every little move I make??”

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Although best known as the comedic mind behind the Madea franchise, Perry is playing a pretty serious role in Gone Girl.

Affleck plays Nick Dunne, a man whose wife has disappeared. With suspicious eyes turned on him, Dunne becomes increasingly desperate to clear his name. According to Affleck, Perry is “great” as the high-powered attorney Dunne hires to handle his defense.

If the story sounds familiar, it’s probably due to the fact that — unfortunately — we’ve seen too many stories like this play out in the media. Even Affleck referenced the Scott Peterson case in preparing for his role in Gone Girl, acknowledging that the movie “satires how we as a culture get obsessed with these crimes.”

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When asked how he felt about playing such an unlikable character, Affleck responded with an interesting perspective on gender.

“It’s funny that women ask me what it is like to play such a jerk and men don’t ask me that. That is one of the best parts of this movie. You will see that this movie will divide people by gender in many instances because it is about relationships and people lying about relationships,” explains Affleck.

Gone Girl opens Oct. 3.


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