Amal Alamuddin's wedding dress is a gorgeous piece of art

Sep 30, 2014 at 12:42 p.m. ET

George Clooney's new wife wore a gorgeous hand-embroidered dress that was custom-made just for her to wear on their wedding day.

It's not hard for Alamuddin to look beautiful, but in the amazing dress she wore on the day she married Clooney, she looked like a true princess. The bride wore an Oscar de la Renta gown that was classy and simple, but it was super-sophisticated and stunning at the same time, People reported.

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The gown was made of French lace in a very traditional style, and was hand-embroidered with pearls and diamante stones. It was an off-the-shoulder style that fanned out at the waist into a full train and was paired with a long lace-edged veil.

An expert at creating wedding gowns for the famous, de la Renta was present for every one of Alamuddin's fittings, making sure the dress was made to perfection for her. "He's such an elegant designer and such an elegant man," Alamuddin said of the iconic designer.

"It was simple and grand," a People source said of the dress. "It had all the hallmarks of a grand de la Renta style."

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To set off the splendid gown, Alamuddin wore neutral pearl earrings with square-cut diamond accents, which were given to her by her parents, Baria and Ramzi Alamuddin. People revealed that the pearls were actually harvested from the Bahrain waters, and made by renowned Lebanese jeweler Chatila. Of course, the attractive blushing bride also wore her new platinum wedding band, and fabulous engagement ring.

Meanwhile, Clooney wore a classic Armani tux for his big day, which has become his longtime staple. He wore his hair in his usual short style, but sported a new piece of jewelry in the form of a gold wedding band.