James Marsden was never the cool guy

James Marsden may have gotten cast as the pretty boy when he was younger, but now that the actor is 41, he admits he’s ready for a different kind of role.

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“When I was younger, I was always going to be cast as the preppy, good-looking guy at school,” Marsden told Los Angeles Confidential. “It was a good thing when I was 19. That helped me get work. Now that I’m 40… I can’t get by on my 19-year-old good looks.”

Though, let’s be honest, his looks definitely haven’t diminished over the years.

His upcoming role in the Nicholas Sparks novel adaptation of The Best of Me, might be honing his leading-man good looks yet again for the romantic love story, but that isn’t the only upcoming role for Marsden. In fact, he has a healthy handful of films coming up in the next year. He is currently filming Westworld alongside Anthony Hopkins and Evan Rachel Wood. The film follows two guests at a high-tech amusement park who find themselves on a Wild West adventure with robots.

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“My main struggle was I never thought of myself as the cool guy because I wasn’t that guy in high school,” Marsden admits. “I see myself more as James Bond’s goofy younger brother, as opposed to James Bond.”

While Marsden does credit X-Men as his breakthrough role, “I never felt like I was doing what I was best at. Beyond X-Men, my choices were more about showing people that I could do comedy.”

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No one can argue that Marsden isn’t versatile. He’s done musicals like Hairspray and Enchanted, comedies like 30 Rock and Bachelorette and dramas, including The Butler and The Notebook.

Marsden says his next challenge as an actor is to discover that defining role for himself. We can definitely see it in his future.

What kind of role do you think Marsden should tackle next?


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