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Dakota Fanning gushes about her model boyfriend

She’s all grown up! Child star, Dakota Fanning, has officially entered the dating world and she’s got a pretty mature outlook on love.

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The actress, who we remember as the sweet little girl in movies like Uptown Girls and I Am Sam, is 20 years old now and is involved in a romantic relationship with Jamie Strachan, a British model who is 13 years her senior.

Fanning is well aware of the rather sizable age gap between her beau and herself, but she’s not trippin’ and she doesn’t think you should be, either. “People love who they love and you go with that,” Fanning said recently in an interview with British newspaper, the Times via Yahoo Celebrity. “People get so stuck in rules for life. You go with what feels right.”

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It’s possible that Fanning’s healthy point of view is born from the fact that she has some great role models. Her parents met as children and have been married for 25 years and Fanning claims their relationship is how all unions should be. “I’ve always wanted that,” the New York University student told the Times. “I’ve seen how wonderful it is to have parents who have pretty much experienced everything together.”

Considering Fanning is just starting to dip her toe in the dating pool, it’s probably too early to assume that she’s already found “the one,” but for now, she’s content with where she’s at. “I’m super happy,” she said. “I think love is very important and it’s really fun to have someone to experience things with. It makes everything a bit more special.”

Strachan, who is “very shy and incredibly nice and sweet,” according to sources close to E!, clearly has some game, because Fanning is not the first gorgeous celeb he’s been linked to. Turns out, Strachan used to be hot and heavy with Victoria’s Secret model, Behati Prinsloo, who just recently got hitched to Adam Levine.

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