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Exposed: SocialVevo and learn a hard lesson

After her powerful, emotional speech on feminism at the United Nations, Emma Watson was threatened by hackers who revealed that they had plans to leak nude photos of her online. While it was initially believed that image board site 4chan made the threat, they are actually not to blame — but they are biting back.

Nude photo threat against Emma Watson was a gross hoax

4chan is repudiating the claims that it is behind the countdown site, which promised to reveal nude pictures of the Bling Ring actress in due time. Instead, 4chan previously claimed that they had found the real culprits: a group of pranksters known as SocialVevo.

SocialVevo was the group behind the site threatening Watson and it is hosted on the same server as a company called Rantic Marketing, meaning that the 4chan hackers had nothing to do with the threats against the British star. And 4chan is hitting back. According to AdelaideNow, the site has uncovered new evidence connecting SocialVevo and to some of the internet’s most recent hoaxes.

Emma Watson, Victoria Beckham wow with UN speeches

Aside from the most recent hoax EmmaYouAreNext, others are:, which was a fake NASA site that claimed it would release an amazing scientific discovery,, which was created after the death of the beloved Family Guy character Brian the dog was killed in an episode and SocialVevo ran a countdown to an announcement, and, which attempted to capitalize on Grand Theft Auto V by promising to leak photos of the next installment of the video game.

Gross web users threaten to release Emma Watson nudes

The EmmaYouAreNext countdown has since stopped and now redirects to Rantic has even apologized to 4chan via Twitter for all the trouble that they have caused, but this is a classic case of too little too late, because 4chan has continued its mission to destroy and vandalize the sites.

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