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The Simpsons‘ newest opening sequence is just one huge mindf*** (VIDEO)

The Simpsons celebrated Season 26 with a brand-new opening title sequence and it’s something that will seriously mess with your head.

If you’re still suffering from perhaps a tad too much partying over the weekend or your morning coffee hasn’t quite kicked in yet, you might want to wait a little while before watching the titles, which aired as a special part of the season premiere on Sunday, Sept. 28.

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According to EW, the sequence was created by animator and independent filmmaker Don Hertzfeldt. If you’ve ever seen any of his work then you are probably already somewhat mentally prepared for what you are about to see.

Just to give you an idea, here is a video from Hertzfeldt called “Genre,” which shows his penchant for creating crazy characters and putting them into even nuttier situations. It seems that watching one of his videos can often make one wonder what in the world they just saw.
If you’re not familiar with Hertzfeldt’s work, then you’ll need to strap yourself in and prepare for the ride of your life. Have you even been on The Simpsons ride at Universal Studios and thought that was insane? Yeah, well, this ride is even crazier.

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It starts out innocently enough: Homer is once again on the couch with a remote control, ready to sit down and watch some TV. But when he presses the button, something new happens. It seems his remote control is actually some sort of time machine and it takes poor Homer on a ride to the very distant future.

When the clock stops, the date is “Septembar 36.4, 10,535.” No, that’s not a typo. Apparently, dates have changed in the past few thousand years and that’s not the only thing. In the future, people have turned into amoeba-like creatures that don’t watch TV so much as hook up to a neural network (or “netwark” as it’s known then) and have shows directly downloaded into their brain stems.

While Homer floats around downloading “The Sampsons,” Bart crawls around on the floor in a squishy, lumpy body. Lisa basically is a new kind of creature with a single eyeball and a mouth growing from a stalk sticking out of her head. The siblings do nothing but stare at each other and speak gibberish, which is perhaps not all that different from most siblings in our current time.

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To see how the rest of the family looks and to find out what happens next, we suggest you take a deep breath and watch the video.

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