Watch reporter’s epic fail when he asks Kristen Wiig about being naked

Watch what happens when a reporter pretends to have seen The Skeleton Twins and asks Kristen Wiig some really awkward questions. She handles it like a pro.
The indie drama The Skeleton Twins stars Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader as estranged twin siblings who reconnect after both their lives fall apart.

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A reporter for TV’s KWGN named Chris Parente admits he’ll never work in Hollywood again after he botched this interview. You see, it’s sort of a rule that anyone in the press needs to see a film before they interview the stars, specifically to avoid awkward situations like this.

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Every now and then, a journalist does have to ask actors questions about a movie they haven’t seen, but any savvy reporter knows not to pretend they’ve seen the movie when they actually haven’t. Sorry, Mr. Parente, you’re just not savvy.

But it’s the line of questions he asks that makes us wonder if he’s not also a bit sexist. Yes, Kristen Wiig is gorgeous and yes, she does go full frontal in a different film, Welcome to Me, scheduled to be released later this year, but really? You’re going to ask her “advice on going nude”?

We’re a bit offended by this question because Wiig is one of the finest comedic actresses of our time and we think Mr. Parente should be humbled in her presence. We have a hard time believing that he would have asked Bill Hader the same question, given that he’s a man, had Mr. Parente mistakenly believed Hader was naked in a film.

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Fortunately, Wiig and Hader call Mr. Parente out for not seeing the film, properly embarrassing him without getting too mean or hateful. Wiig, in a deadpan tone, says, “This. Was. Great.” We like that the actors kept things light and classy.

The Skeleton Twins is currently playing in theaters.