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Donald Trump tricked into serial killer retweet

Donald Trump was the victim of a Twitter prank today, but we can’t decide if it was funny or sick.

Twitter user Philip Bradbury, who bills himself as a “failed comedian,” asked Trump to retweet a photo of his parents because they were big fans.

Trump retweeted the photo, not realizing who it actually depicted: Notorious serial killers Fred and Rose West.

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The post was removed by Trump’s P.R. team within 40 minutes, but the damage was done: His 2.7 million Twitter followers had already seen his inadvertent endorsement of a couple who raped, tortured and murdered at least 11 people, including some of their own family members.

Trump’s immediate reaction to the trick? Threaten a lawsuit, of course.

Some think Trump, who loves to run his mouth on Twitter, got his comeuppance. Others think the trick disrespects the victims of the Wests and trivializes the couple’s crimes. Trump’s hair has yet to weigh in on the matter.

Tell us: Was the Twitter trick funny or tasteless?

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