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Drake’s got some new ink that has us all confused

Apple is spending way too much time releasing new iPhones and not nearly enough helping the internet answer a question that just got so much more important: is that emoji of two hands pressed together supposed to be praying hands or a high five?

Drake & Adonis
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It’s something we’ve wondered since the first time we peppered our text messages with hearts, food and smiling poop. The reason the stakes are so much higher now? Drake got it tattooed on his arm!

An Instagram snap from Los Angeles tattoo artist Dr. Woo revealed Drake’s new ink. It looks like he got two new tats at Dr. Woo’s studio, Hollywood’s Shamrock Social Club: an inspirational quote on his left forearm that reads, “Everything happens for a reason sweet thing,” and the number 6 next to the emoji hands on his right forearm.

The 6 is easy — it stands for Toronto, where Drake is originally from. The emoji, though? So much more confusing.

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Before we debate the obvious question — whether it’s a good idea to get an emoji permanently emblazoned on your skin — we seriously need to figure out what this is supposed to be.

E! News thinks it has the whole thing figured out. Based on “investigative journalism,” E! reports that it’s definitely praying hands. Why? Because the thumbs are pressed together.

“When you high-five someone, do you or do you not slap with opposite hands? You do, because high-fiving someone’s left hand with your left hand (or vice versa) is awkward,” E! writes. “So, with that in mind, the two thumbs wouldn’t be on the same side. Case closed.”

But hold up. Think about high-fiving someone. When is the last time you high-fived with opposite hands? You can’t remember, right? Because E! News is wrong. It is definitely more awkward to cross-body high five with opposite hands than it is to casually slap palms left-to-left (or right-to-right).

So the mystery remains. Please, Drake, clear this up for us. We can’t stand not knowing, and you’re our only hope.

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Which is it? Praying hands or a high five? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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