Melissa Etheridge and Sheryl Crow are rocking their 50s

Sheryl Crow and Melissa Etheridge are two of the most popular female rockers of a generation, and now they are representing that generation in AARP the Magazine.

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The two singers, who are both over 50 now, talked about life, love, cancer and sex. Etheridge, who is married to Nurse Jackie creator Linda Wallem, said, “The sex is better! Seriously, I’m healthier, and in loving myself, I attract a different kind of person now.”

The magazine points out how much the two women have in common, including that both are mothers who have not given birth. According to E! News, Etheridge has four children — with former partners Tammy Lynn Michaels and Julie Cypher — and Crow has two children, both adopted.

Etheridge overcame breast cancer after being diagnosed in 2004. Crow had experience with cancer, from a different side, as the girlfriend of cyclist Lance Armstrong — who founded the Livestrong Foundation.

“He was probably the most widely known cancer survivor, right? It was kind of a cruel joke,” Crow said, explaining that she was diagnosed with breast cancer soon after she and Armstrong broke up.

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But both Crow and Etheridge called cancer a “gift” and said they wouldn’t be the people they are today without the trials they have been through in their lives.

“It took having cancer for me to realize that happiness is something I have to cultivate in myself,” Crow said.

Etheridge added that she “learned to make fearless choices. You come up against stuff now and you’re like, ‘All right! Just do it!'”


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