Bryan Cranston is latest celeb to reach out to terminally ill fan

On a planet where self-absorbed celebrities reign supreme, it’s always such an amazing relief to see how generous celebs can be.

Bryan Cranston scares teen girl into going to prom

Breaking Bad actor Bryan Cranston is the latest of the rich and famous to show their big hearts by reaching out to a terminally ill teenage fan. Brad Joyner, 19, who was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor in March, has three items on his bucket list, according to Yahoo! Celebrity. One of those bucket-list items was meeting Cranston. After Joyner’s wish went viral and word got back to Cranston, the two had a 30-minute Skype conversation followed by ice cream for Joyner’s entire neighborhood, courtesy of the actor who played Walter White.

Video credit: Aimee Pettigrew

Heartwarming instances like these may seem few and far between, but the truth is that there are a gaggle of celebrities out there who are all about putting their good fortune back into the universe. For every self-indulgent move made by Justin Bieber, there’s a feminist speech being made at the UN by Emma Watson. For every fan-shaming, small-minded demand made by Kanye West at one of his concerts, there’s a huge donation being made by Leonardo DiCaprio, who fights hard for the environment.

Here’s a closer look at some of the good deeds other celebs have recently done that echo Cranston’s kindness.

1. Jon Heder sends a personalized message to young leukemia patient

Earlier this month, Heder caught wind that 12-year-old Mary Elizabeth Paris was keeping herself occupied in the hospital while waiting for a bone marrow transplant by watching Napoleon Dynamite on repeat. Heder wasted no time jumping back into character and recording a hilarious message for Paris.

2. Miley Cyrus sends well wishes to a fan moments before she passes

In June, Cyrus sent a very sincere and heartfelt video message to 12-year-old Caley Camarillo, who endured a lifelong battle with cystic fibrosis. Camarillo’s mother, Teresa, said her daughter viewed the message about an hour before she died. “We have a video of Caley watching the vid that we will save for ourselves,” Teresa wrote on her Facebook. “She managed to let out a smile. I take great comfort in this for some reason.”

3. Ed Sheeran sings final lullaby to dying fan

In April, Sheeran also caught word of a dedicated fan who had him on her bucket list. Triona Priestley, 15, who had also been living with cystic fibrosis, revealed to family and friends that her dying wish was for Sheeran to sing his song “Little Bird” to her. Priestley’s loved ones launched a Twitter campaign that ended with Sheeran calling Priestley on the phone. “Ed rang Triona and personally sang ‘Little Bird’ to her as she took her last breaths,” a friend of Priestley wrote on Facebook.

4. Charlie Sheen hangs with terminally ill fan

You can say a lot of things about Sheen, but somewhere down in that guy, there’s a heart of gold. Last November, Sheen flew Marion Minchuk, a loyal fan who was battling cancer, Minchuk’s girlfriend and a nurse to Los Angeles, all on his own dime. Minchuk and his crew also joined Sheen in his home for lunch and took a trip to the set of Sheen’s show Anger Management.


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