This one word trips up Benedict Cumberbatch every time (VIDEO)

Benedict Cumberbatch can do no wrong, even when he just can’t seem to pronounce the word “penguin” the right way.

As the actor narrates a BBC documentary about the South Pacific, he is clearly heard struggling to say “penguin” correctly, repeating it in several different wonky ways.

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The video begins with some adorable penguins walking in a wooded area as Cumberbatch describes their way of living. “These ‘penwins,'” he narrates.

Then, different clips are shown where Cumberbatch keeps saying the word in several incorrect ways, including “pengwings,” “crested pengwings,” and “parent ‘pengwen’ going home.”

The British star continues, “Why are these woodlands so attractive to ‘penglings’?”

For some reason, our esteemed Sherlock star just can’t get the pronunciation right on this word. But we love him just the same, and he actually sounds adorable, coming up with all these versions of “penguin” in the nature program.

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But Cumberbatch may really have to try working on the word. He has landed a voice role in the new animated Madagascar spin-off, which is called — no joke — Penguins of Madagascar. Should they change the title to Penglings of Madagascar?

No doubt, this could pose a serious challenge for our beloved Mr. Cumberbatch.

Meanwhile, Cumberbatch stole fans’ hearts when he recently posed as Mr. Darcy for the Give Up Clothes For Good campaign, which helps raise money for cancer research. In the photo, Cumberbatch is wading waist-deep in a lake as he sexily unbuttons his shirt.

His picture, along with a slew of other actors’ shots, was showcased in an exhibition at La Galleria Pall Mall earlier this month.

You can listen to Cumebrbatch struggle with the word “penguin” over and over again in the video below.


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