Carl’s rap in new Walking Dead lip-dub is hilarious beyond words (VIDEO)

The last Walking Dead video from Bad Lip Reading was so awesome, they decided to do another one. This time they include a hysterical rap performed by Carl.

We’re only a few weeks away from the Season 5 premiere, so this is a great way to pass the time while you wait for your zombie pals to eat hit your screen again.

This Walking Dead video will make your day

As most fans of the show know, Bad Lip Reading is known for taking clips from popular shows and adding voice-overs that sound ridiculous. The results make for some super-fun entertainment that will keep you laughing for hours, especially if you are a fan of the show.

This time around, they used the scene where Carl talks to Rick’s unconscious body on a couch, and turned it into a drop-dead funny rap song.

“La jiggy jiggy jar jar doo! Doodi-doodi-dur,” Carl sings as a bloody Rick lies on the couch. “Man, I just flow, shoeshine.”

The Walking Dead rules the ratings

As serious as sin, Carl continues, “La jiggy jiggy jar jar doo! Doodi-doodi-dur. Carl Poppa, you cannot handle the flow, son.”

After you listen to this, you won’t be able to get Carl Poppa out of your head. Guaranteed. But, while Carl’s rap is the definite highlight of this video, there are other gems here that will get your laughing juices pouring out.

“You don’t even get to touch the blind kid!” says Daryl.

The Walking Dead casts two key characters from comics

“You wanna see my sticks?” Carl asks. “No.” Hershel answers. And Carl asks, “Because you like rocks?”

Then, as they talk about drowning kids, Bob says (in a super-nerdy voice), “I grew up with a pig, they’re real clean.”

But the best one comes when Tyreese asks Rick, “You ate that apple?” and Rick answers, “Yep.” Getting angrier, Tyreese continues, “What, you just go around eating random apples?”

So Rick explains, “No, listen, I have one thing that dolphins have.”

Check out the entire awesome clip in the video below.


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