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Kelly Ripa schools her in-laws on the art of the belfie

Kelly Ripa may not be able to look her in-laws straight in the eyes for a while because of the recent selfie she accidentally sent them.

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During an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman on Wednesday, Sept. 24, the talk-show host revealed that she once accidentally sent a picture of her butt to her in-laws, which was meant as a surprise for her husband Mark Consuelos while he was away traveling for work in Los Angeles, California.

“I sent him a cute, adorable butt selfie in my underpants,” she explained to Letterman. “It’s the only time I’ve ever sent a semi-nude anything, ever!”

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Ripa’s butt selfie, or belfie as she calls it, was shared via iCloud. But luckily for her, her in-laws are super-cool and responded in an email, congratulating her on her toned butt.

“My mother and father-in-law respond from their email and they’re like, ‘Dear Kelly, we are so proud of all your hard work. Your exercise classes are really paying off,'” Ripa revealed.

However, Ripa is pretty impressed with her toned bottom, too, and she decided to do a retake while waiting backstage at the late-night show at the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City, New York.

Taking to Instagram on Wednesday, the blond beauty posted a pic with the caption, “Will Dave figure out what a belfie is? Find out tonight on @Letterman.”

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The snap has almost 6500 “likes,” so clearly her in-laws are not the only ones who think her exercise classes have paid off.

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