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Sarah Drew’s first pregnancy had her mourning her 20s

Sarah Drew is happily pregnant with her second child, but pregnancy hasn’t always been an easy path for her. The Grey’s Anatomy star opened up about how her life has changed since becoming pregnant the first time and how she has learned to love it.

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“The first time it wasn’t just the physicality, it was the emotional weight, too,” Drew told Fit Pregnancy (via People). “I was mourning the end of a massive chapter in my life. I knew I’d have to sacrifice a lot more than I was used to sacrificing, but I didn’t know how it was going to look and I didn’t know if I was going to be a good mom.”

Drew’s son, Micah, is now 2 years old and she is expecting a new baby. But this time, she is happy she knows exactly what to expect. She explained, “This time around, it’s been really delightful because I have the example in front of me of what happens when the child comes out. And yeah, it’s changed my life, but I’m really happy with the way things have changed. Your desires and the things that you love shift.

“The emergence of a child opens up this well of love that you just never knew you were able to have. And it’s empowering.”

And although Drew had her ideas about the child she was hoping for, once he was born, she realized she’d love him no matter what.

“For me, I thought I wanted a girl and if I had found out that it was a boy before I’d met him — while he was still theoretical and inside of me — I could’ve been disappointed,” she said. “But that’s just impossible when he’s placed on your belly. It doesn’t matter what the sex is! You’re just in love and that’s how it is.”

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The actress has been juggling her career and family, but now that she realizes what a joy motherhood is, she wouldn’t change anything. She has learned about her son and herself in the process.

“I honestly think the biggest trials end up teaching you how to let go. I was a control freak about sleep for the first six months of Micah’s life and now it’s like, okay, if he has a late night, he’s actually perfectly fine. His life isn’t ruined.”

You can read the rest of Drew’s interview in the October/November issue of Fit Pregnancy.

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