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Vitalii Sediuk strikes again and attacks Kim Kardashian — but who is he?

We don’t know if we should hate Vitalii Sediuk or give him a hug.

Celebs join forces to nab nasty Ice Bucket Challenge pranksters

The notorious prankster struck again today at Paris Fashion Week, according to TMZ. This time, Sediuk was able to bum-rush security and grab Kim Kardashian around her legs, nearly knocking the reality celebrity to the ground. Kardashian fan or not, it’s never acceptable to make a woman, or man for that matter, fear for their safety. We’re dumbfounded that this man continues to go unrecognized by security officials at high-profile events.

His pranks are assault, pure and simple, and his acting out seems to be the desperate cry of a man who wasn’t given enough attention or love as a child. The Ukrainian-born Sediuk bid adieu to Los Angeles in July, reportedly to pursue a modeling career for himself in London. Obviously, that didn’t work out and he isn’t imaginative enough to create an amusing act of his own, so he continues to beg to be noticed. To top it off, after being tackled by police, security and even paparazzi, it’s evident he doesn’t have any concern for his own personal safety. These characteristics are a very dangerous combination.

Here’s a closer look at the havoc Sediuk has wreaked thus far. Hopefully, something will stop him soon before somebody is really harmed.

1. Sexual assault of America Ferrera at 2014 Cannes Film Festival

In May, Ferrera was on the red carpet in Cannes, promoting her film, How to Train Your Dragon 2, when Sediuk made his way up to her and put his head up her gown. The actress was visibly shaken and rightfully so. The film festival was reportedly looking into how he was able to get past security, but it also appeared at the time that Sediuk was a credentialed member of the press.

2. Attempted assault on Brad Pitt at the Maleficent premiere

Sediuk jumped a barricade and attempted to “bury his face in my crotch,” according to Pitt. Sediuk was detained and booked by police on charges of misdemeanor battery, for which he did community service. Pitt also made the point that Sediuk is going to ruin the chance for deserving fans to meet celebs if he continues to make them feel unsafe and said, “If he tries to look up a woman’s dress again, he’s going to get stomped,” referencing the Ferrera incident.

3. Attack on Bradley Cooper at the 2014 SAG Awards

In January, Sediuk embarrassed Cooper on the red carpet by tightly hugging him around the waist and putting his face in Cooper’s crotch, according to Us Weekly. Cooper brushed off the attack and Sediuk walked away from the incident without any repercussions.

4. Attack on Leonardo DiCaprio at the 2014 Santa Barbara Film Festival

In February, Sediuk pulled a stunt very similar to what he did to Cooper and Pitt. Sounds like he needs a new shtick.

5. Attempt to kiss Will Smith at Men in Black 3 Russian premiere

Sediuk was interviewing Smith when he leaned in to smooch Smith on the mouth. Smith wasn’t amused. “What the hell is your problem, man?” the actor yelled before smacking Sediuk in the face.

6. Rushed the stage at the 2013 Grammy Awards

Somehow, Sediuk was able to get past intense security at the awards and made it all the way up to the microphone on stage while Adele was accepting her award for Best Solo Performance before being intercepted.

What do you think? Has Sediuk crossed the line from prankster to criminal? Is he dangerous or are his actions just a sad cry for help?

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