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Guess which major TVD star is crossing over to The Originals

Nina Dobrev is heading to The Originals this fall!

She will appear as a doppelgänger torn between a different set of brothers than we’re used to.

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If you’ll remember back in Season 3, The Vampire Diaries teased the idea of a doppelgänger (aka yet another Elena/Nina Dobrev lookalike) named Tatia who was associated with Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Elijah (Daniel Gillies). She was the original doppelgänger, so it’s only fitting the show would finally resolve her story line.

It’s a bit like story lines repeating themselves, though, especially since we’ve already seen Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) fall in love with Elena and struggle to reconcile that love with their already-tense relationship. That’s about how we imagine things will play out between Klaus and Elijah. Back in the day, the brothers both loved Tatia, but then Esther, their mother, killed her to stop Klaus from being a hybrid.

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Executive producer, Julie Plec, told E! News, “There’s lots of secrets and scandal and romance and terrible tragedy attached to her character. We’ll get to go back into the past to see how that all played out.”

That story line will be featured in the fifth episode of Season 2, which airs on Monday, Nov. 3. No word yet if Tatia will only appear in flashbacks or if her character will reappear in New Orleans somehow.

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Plec was careful to say the show is not just doing crossovers for the sake of doing crossovers. And they’re also not bringing this story line back up without solid reasoning. “… in this particular case, the character of Tatia is part of their [Klaus and Elijah’s] history and is kind of a dangling chad. It’s something we brought up a long time ago and never paid off.”

Are you excited to hear Nina Dobrev will be making an appearance on The Originals?

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