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Did Jordin Sparks’ tweet hint to her Jason Derulo breakup?

We had so much hope for this adorable couple!

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After three solid years of dating, super-talented, yet seemingly down-to-earth couple, Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo, have called it quits, according to People magazine. The announcement of the split seems totally out of the blue, but it appears the songstress dropped a couple hints about the breakup earlier this month.

On Sept. 14, football fanatic, Sparks, tweeted a message about being down in the dumps. The tweet was ambiguous enough that one would not necessarily jump to the conclusion that it was about Derulo, but in retrospect, it makes sense that she was lamenting a betrayal of some sort.

Then on Sept. 15, Sparks sent out two more tweets that were a bit more telling. The songstress mentioned the Smokey Robinson song, “The Tracks of My Tears,” which is about trying to put on a brave face during a devastating breakup. “Outside I’m masquerading/Inside my hope is fading/Just a clown, oh yeah, since you put me down/My smile is my makeup/I wear since my breakup with you” is just one of the ultra-glum verses in the classic ditty. Sparks also tweeted about writing a sad song of her own and we all know that 99.9 percent of songwriting artists pull directly from their personal experiences.

Then, there’s the fact that Derulo can no longer be found on Sparks’ list of people she follows on Twitter. All signs are pointing to the major possibility that Derulo stomped on the American Idol sweetheart’s heart.

Still, the breakup is pretty shocking considering the duo showed up at several award shows last month looking super cozy and in love. However, Derulo dropped some pretty heavy social media hints of his own about “making mistakes” recently, so it’s pretty easy to make the assumption that he did something awful to hurt his now-ex-girlfriend. We just hope that it wasn’t so bad that Sparks can’t make a quick recovery and move on.

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