Amber Rose puts Wiz Khalifa on blast for cheating

Who’s cheating on who? Amber Rose claims innocence despite rumors of a fling with a diva’s soon-to-be-ex, and is deflecting the rumors back to Wiz Khalifa.

Despite the rumors, Rose insists that her relationship with Nick Cannon — recently separated from Mariah Carey — is purely platonic. It’s Khalifa whose bad behavior led to the split, she said.

5 Reasons we did not see the Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa split coming

Sources told TMZ that the model became suspicious when her hubby refused to let her join him on his summer tour, telling her to stay home with their 19-month-old son Sebastian while he went out and made the money. Rose says that isn’t all he was making.

The curvaceous blonde filed for divorce on Sept. 24 after just a year of marriage.


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