Rob Lowe is hideous and it's highly disturbing (VIDEO)

Sep 25, 2014 at 12:54 p.m. ET
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Rob Lowe is known for his impossible and everlasting good looks, but now you can see him as a very ugly dude who made the wrong choice in television companies.

In a new spot for DirecTV, Lowe introduces his usual hot self, suit and all, boasting about his satellite company. But then, a very ugly Lowe joins him on the screen and says, "I'm far less attractive Rob Lowe and I have cable." And trust us, he is not just less attractive, he is disturbingly hideous.

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So, after presenting the two versions of himself, handsome Lowe goes on to show the big-screen TV he has installed in his super-modern and beautiful home, saying that with DirecTV he has "the industry's best picture and sound." Meanwhile, repulsive Lowe is hanging out on a beat-up couch in his drab home, watching aerobics on a very old, small television set. "With cable you get picture and... some sound too."

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Next, handsome Lowe explains how great his satellite service is for watching awesome programming and having lots of attractive people over for a get-together. Of course, that is not possible for repulsive Lowe as he sits alone on his dirty couch. It gets even worse when repulsive Lowe is out of words for describing cable and a clump of hair falls off his head as he attempts to smooth out his comb-over.

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"Don't be like this me," handsome Lowe says, walking up to the pathetic pot-bellied version of himself. He then encourages you to get his satellite service so you can be like the much better, suave and super-hot Rob Lowe.

You can watch el creepo Lowe in the video below, but don't say we didn't warn you: repulsive Lowe is seriously and dreadfully grotesque.


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