6 New horror flicks that will violate your mind this Halloween

Oct 1, 2014 at 9:00 a.m. ET
Image: Warner Bros.

From freaky dolls to Ouija boards to Daniel Radcliffe growing Horns, this Halloween has plenty of horror flicks on its menu of tricks and treats. We can't wait to see every single one of them — even if it means we can't sleep for the rest of the year.


1. Annabelle

If you saw last year's The Conjuring, you've already met Annabelle. She guest-starred as a menacing demon hiding inside a little girl's doll. Real-life parapsychologist Lorraine Warren claims to have dispossessed a real demon from a real Raggedy Ann doll in the 1970s. We understand that the filmmakers wanted to make the doll in the movie really creepy, and boy, did they succeed. Seriously, who could sleep next to a doll that looks like that?

Annabelle creeps out movie-goers on Oct. 3.

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2. Inner Demons

Sixteen-year-old Carson Morris (Lara Vosburgh) is having trouble in school. Like many parents of teens, hers suspect she's taking drugs. When Carson's family convinces her to deal with her addiction on a reality TV show, they uncover something more shocking: Carson may be possessed by a demon.

Inner Demons possesses theaters Oct. 3.


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3. Dracula Untold

Luke Evans (The Hobbit) stars as Vlad Tepes, a man in medieval Transylvania who makes a deal with dangerous supernatural forces, rendering him immortal — for better or worse. We think this Dracula origin story is long overdue.

Dracula Untold takes a bite out of audiences Oct. 10.


4. Ouija

Most of us played with a spirit board as a kid, probably by candlelight, and secretly pushed on the planchette to create scary messages to freak out our friends. This movie promises a lot more than a few teens scrambling to turn the lights back on, especially since one of the girls, Debbie (Shelley Hennig), dies in a freak accident related to her Ouija board.

Ouija begins communicating Oct. 24.

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5. Stonehearst Asylum

The ensemble of actors in this film makes up perhaps the best cast of any movie this year. From Kate Beckinsale to Oscar winner Ben Kingsley, this Victorian asylum literally run by lunatics will chill you to the bone. If you love the Showtime series The Knick, you'll love this movie.

Stonehearst Asylum locks up audiences Oct. 24.


6. Horns

We recently sat down with Daniel Radcliffe, the star of Horns. When we asked him about this film, he said, "Horns is one of those movies where afterwards, you'll either go, 'What the hell did I just watch?' or, 'This is my new favorite film.'" That's enough to have us massively intrigued.

Horns incarnates on Oct. 31.

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