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Miles Teller bashes Divergent

Apparently, That Awkward Moment star, Miles Teller, is really, really good at creating some awkward moments of his own.

During a recent interview with W magazine, Teller took some time to throw his biggest film to date under the bus with some less-than-flattering words about his filming experience.

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Not only did Teller reveal he didn’t find his character interesting, he also said he was “feeling dead inside” while shooting the film last spring.

“I didn’t have an interesting part,” Teller explained, “and I’d taken the film for business reasons: It was the first movie I’d done that was going to have an international audience. I called my agent and said, ‘This sucks.'”

These are strong words that make us cringe. We can’t help but feel like these words will return to bite Teller, who has previously always seemed like a pretty stand-up guy. He needs to remember that Hollywood is a small circle. Plus, his Divergent character, Peter, appears throughout the trilogy, which means Teller has two more films to get through in the franchise.

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Probably not a good idea to make the bigwigs at Lionsgate, who are making the movie, mad.

Teller’s rep seems keenly aware of this and released a statement to the Hollywood Reporter on Wednesday morning, trying to explain Teller’s words. “Accustomed to being more involved in the process of filmmaking, Miles regrets those words. He does value his relationship with Lionsgate and his participation in the franchise.”

Of course, Teller’s career will most likely survive the blunder. It isn’t the first time a star has bashed his or her own film. Megan Fox famously spoke out against Transformers and director, Michael Bay. Even George Clooney has a reputation for some not-so-flattering words. If you’ll remember, Clooney had some problems with his nipples during Batman & Robin.

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In fact, Teller seems to be taking some advice from Clooney and choosing films for passion, rather than money. His upcoming movie, Whiplash, about an aspiring drummer, is the film Teller says his agent pitched him to get him through the horrors of Divergent.

Do you think Miles Teller just had an awkward moment or is fame getting to his head?

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