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Cuba Gooding, Jr. strips at hockey game (VIDEO)

Cuba Gooding, Jr. has a history of being kind of weird about hockey.

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During the Chicago Blackhawks’ opening home game, Cuba proved he wasn’t ready to break that streak by scoring a goal — and then stripping down.

During its intermission, the team held a “Shoot the Puck” competition, inviting Cuba onto the ice to promote his new TV show, which he was filming in Chicago, and then to try to score a goal. He shot and he missed. And then he shot again and he missed again. The third shot, though, was pure gold.

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The Academy Award-winning actor, who is a huge hockey fan and plays in his spare time, nailed his shot from the center of the rink, sending the puck cleanly into the left side of the goal. And then, like any rational person who just won that ridiculously hard contest, he celebrated. Cuba walked off the ice — with some serious swagger, we might add — and stripped off first his jacket and then his shirt, as the announcers laughed and joked, “We sure won’t top this for the rest of the season.”

Cuba made headlines in June for doing an, um… interesting job presenting the NHL Foundation Award.

He showed up on stage yelling, hitting on an award-winner’s wife, joking about making a “reverse Oreo” with his arms around the other two (white) presenters’ shoulders and kicking speakers as he exited the stage.

Cuba’s award show antics were enough to make a lot of fans wonder if he had been overserved before hitting the stage — he was in Vegas, after all. Regardless, he made everyone uncomfortable enough that NBC actually put together a highlight reel with all the weirdest and funniest moments from Cuba’s time presenting.

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Clearly, there’s just never a dull moment in Cuba Gooding, Jr.’s life.

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