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Get to know Robert Pattinson’s rumored new GF, FKA twigs

Usually, when you get your heart stomped on, the next person you date ends up being your ex’s polar opposite.

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Robert Pattinson was certainly put through the wringer by Kristen Stewart and, on the surface, his rumored new girlfriend, FKA twigs, is the anti-KStew. But if you look a little closer, does FKA twigs exemplify everything that Stewart was trying to be? Join us in getting to know the songstress a little better and see how her similarities and differences from Stewart make her the perfect rebound for the brokenhearted RPatz.

1. She’s an ethereal doe-eyed beauty

Glowing skin? Check. Delicate features? Check. Stoic, dreamy, faraway gaze? Check, check and check. FKA twigs and Stewart certainly both have the sad, youthful kind of gorgeousness about them, but the singer definitely has a more eclectic style about her. She’s not afraid to dress in non-mainstream clothing or try out an avant-garde hairstyle. Stewart kept things pretty vanilla, so FKA twigs’ unique style might take things up a notch for Pattinson.

2. She’s super active on social media and not afraid to interact with fans

FKA twigs has huge followings on Instagram, YouTube and Twitter and she isn’t afraid to communicate with her followers. The singer even went so far as to post casting calls on her Twitter account recently. Aside from publicly making out with her married director while still dating Pattinson, Stewart is notoriously private. FKA twigs’ candor is refreshing.

3. She’s from Pattinson’s native country

FKA twigs is a half-Jamaican, London native who hails from Gloucestershire, according to Being that Pattinson also calls London home, the two likely have a lot to bond over culturally. While Stewart was happy to visit Pattinson’s native land, it just isn’t the same as being with someone who is familiar with the same things that you are.

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4. FKA twigs is all about art, but not huge on nudity

Many of FKA twigs’ fans express their pride in the artist, defending her unique style and the fact she’s willing to express herself without taking off her clothes. Her voice speaks for itself and she’s not interested in fitting in with the status quo.

Video credit: FKA twigs

5. She’s deep… for real

FKA twigs’ lyrics are well thought-out and she’s not afraid to express herself through poetry. While Stewart tries so hard to come off as deep, unfortunately, she usually comes off as vapid.

What do you think? Does FKA twigs bring more to the table than Kristen Stewart?

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