Britney Spears wants Kate Middleton to wear her underwear

Britney Spears has never exactly seemed to make many efforts to be worldly, but her new comments take it to a whole new level. Spears is currently traveling the globe to promote her lingerie brand and she is excited for women — of all kinds — to try them out.

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Spears’ line, Intimate Britney Spears, is available online and features an intimate story for each line within the line. With names like Buttercup, Angelica and 10 more, you can tell that Spears really wants women to like this. But according to E! News, she has one client specifically in mind — the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

“I would love to see Kate in my underwear designs,” Spears said at the London debut of her lingerie line. “That would be splendid. I’m going to send her one of every piece. So she’ll have plenty to choose from.”

But Spears isn’t only hoping that Middleton might try her line, she has a long list of celebs she is going to attempt to sell her lingerie to.

“I’d love to see Gwen Stefani modeling my collection,” Spears added. “I think she’s very cool and sexy.”

Spears showed up in London looking especially classy, wearing a navy pantsuit, gold bracelets and a gold chain. Her aura of confidence at the London launch was what her brand seems to be about — and she is doing all she can to promote it.

“Every woman should feel confident and beautiful in everything she puts on,” Britney said in a statement at the launch. “My vision for The Intimate Britney Spears is to create pieces that are sexy, luxurious, and comfortable at the same time.”

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You can buy Spears’ lingerie online and can expect each piece to be priced anywhere from $17 to $79. Spears’ lingerie website includes the added bonus of the singer herself modeling every single piece of the collection.


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