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Peruvian woman claims she’s the real Disney ice princess

We’ve heard of publicity stunts, but this is just cold.

No one is safe from Mayim Bialik: This time, she attacks Frozen

A Peruvian woman is suing the Walt Disney company for a whopping $250 million, saying that the plot of animated smash hit, Frozen, is plagiarizing her 2010 autobiography, according to TMZ.

Isabella Tanikumi says that Disney basically stole her life story about surviving the devastating South American earthquake in 1970 and her plight “conquering personal insecurities led to exploring the reaches of her intellect while facing the tragic, and untimely death of her beloved sister, Laura,” according to her personal website.

The Disney movie is about two sisters who join forces with some reindeer and a snowman to battle weather systems, which have been changed because the magical powers of one of the sisters haven’t been harnessed. Tanikumi’s story takes the reader through her childhood in Peru, he relationship with a long-lost love named Eduardo and follows her transition into “higher education.” Today she is “an artist, Registered Nurse, Registered Physical Therapist and Licensed Acupuncturist,” according to her site. She now resides in New Jersey. The only parallel we can find in the two stories is the word “sister.”

Sounds like Tanikumi comes from the Beyoncé and Jay Z school of evil marketing ploys. Clearly, the lawsuit she has filed is bogus and Tanikumi is drumming up publicity for her book, her art and possibly even her nursing, physical therapy and acupuncture practices. While everyone’s first reaction is most likely, “This lady is nuts,” her PR stunt is obviously working.

Disney might want to chalk this legal drama up to karma, being that they have recently been caught on the giving end of a seemingly frivolous and oddly timed lawsuit of their own. At the beginning of September, popular EDM DJ, Deadmau5, returned home from a tour to learn that Disney had started a legal process against his well-known mouse ears trademark. The move seemed a bit odd, considering Deadmau5 has been heavy on the scene for almost 10 years and has built his entire image around the “mau5 head” alter ego without issue.

Interestingly enough, Deadmau5 even tweeted a comment at the time referencing Frozen in his anger. “I’m sorry frozen f***ing tanked huge… i really am. but cmon,” he quipped.

The universe speaks.

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