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Keanu Reeves surprised by naked intruder

Keanu Reeves’ Hollywood Hills, California, home is said to be built like a fort, but it’s clearly not an impenetrable one because the actor has had yet another intruder in his home — in just two days.

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Reeves had to deal with two female intruders on his property last week, and now we think it’s time that the Matrix star tightened up on his home security because things are getting crazy.

The latest woman to break into the actor’s home allegedly stripped down, got into his shower and then went skinny-dipping in his pool, TMZ reports. According to the site, the woman got into the house through an unlocked door that a cleaning company had forgotten to close, but they didn’t flag the woman as suspicious until they saw her swimming naked.

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Luckily, Reeves was not at the property at the time of the incident. A member of the cleaning crew apparently called to alert him, and he then notified the local police.

Just one day earlier, Reeves was woken by noises coming from within his house, and when he went to check on the commotion he came face-to-face with a woman sitting in a chair in his library. Yikes!

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Both women were taken away for medical evaluation.

Let’s hope that this is the last intruder that Reeves has to deal with, because the incidents just keep getting creepier.

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